WooCommerce: How to receive orders without payment gateways

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There are some types of stores that, although it makes their life easier when creating products and displaying them using WooCommerce, do not really need or do not want to receive online payments, they do not need payment gateways, just a way to receive orders from customers, which later will be charged by other means.

If this is your case, like a reader who asked me about something like this the other day, you should know that it is very easy to get that no payment gateway is shown at checkout in your WooCommerce online store.

How not to do it: Deactivate all payment gateways

Although it may have crossed your mind, simply disabling all payment gateways does not solve your problem, because yes, you can disable all payment gateways, or simply not enable them in WooCommerce settings.

disabled payment gateways

But when a customer gets to the checkout page, to finish his order, apparently there will follow the checkout button, but the system will not let him submit the order, showing an error.

checkout unable to be finished without payment gateways

And what we want is that yes, it gets there, but WooCommerce lets you place the order, but without the need for payment gateways.

So the process is different.

How to: Allow WooCommerce to place orders without payment gateway

The way to achieve this purpose of WooCommerce letting you place orders without the need for payment gateways is to leave the gateways you have, as you have them, active or inactive, but adding the following code, which will do the magic:

/* Disable all payment gateways at checkout */
add_filter( 'woocommerce_cart_needs_payment', '__return_false' );Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

To learn how to add this code to your WordPress check this simple guide:

WordPress guide: How and where to paste PHP, JS, CSS codes and functions

When you apply the code, WooCommerce will now allow customers to place an order, without the need for a payment gateway.

checkout able to be finished without payment gateways

The order will be placed normally.

Even the corresponding emails will be sent to the store manager and the customer.

And the order will remain in “Processing” status for the store manager to complete when he/she has the payment, the order shipped, or however he/she decides to manage it.

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