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Since the release of the new WordPress editor known as Gutenberg back in December 2018 much has evolved the editor, but what has grown the most has been your collection of blocks that you use in your pages, hasn’t it?

And with the design possibilities offered by the blocks, almost always free, it is a huge temptation to have all those fantastic collections of free blocks to add cool stuff to our website, right?

And this new paradigm has also generated a new problem: knowing which blocks you are using and where.

Put yourself in situation…

You have been testing and installing different collections of blocks here and there for almost 2 years, some you have used and are on some pages, others not.

Because from one collection of blocks you like one particular block, from another a couple of them, and so on.

And suddenly one day you realize that you have several collections of blocks installed, but you don’t know where you are using which blocks from which collections, or even if you will be using any blocks from some installed collections.

blocks plugins

So you’re thinking about doing some cleanup, but where do you start if you don’t know which blocks from which collection you’re using and where?

Are you going to edit every page and entry to see which block you are using in each one? OK, if there are only a few, it’s feasible, but what if you have dozens of pages or you’ve gone crazy putting blocks in your entries?


Find my blocks!

Wouldn’t it be better to have a tool that searches for installed blocks and makes it easier to locate where they are being used?

This is exactly what the Find My Blocks plugin does.

Once the plugin is installed, go to ToolsFind My Blocks and it will start searching for your blocks…

Once it has finished searching for your blocks, a screen like the following will be displayed…

find my blocks plugin

On the left you have the list of blocks found and a search engine to filter blocks, very useful to filter by collections for example, or by type of block (columns, galleries, etc.).

This list shows the block, which collection it belongs to and how many publications it is inserted in.

Clicking on a block in the left sidebar will show in the central area the posts and pages in which the block is inserted, with links to view or edit the post.

Additionally, in the right sidebar, you can change the order of the list of blocks, show the native WordPress blocks (core blocks) or even include draft content in the search.

As you can see, a simple but very practical tool, if you have lots of blocks from various plugins or collections and you need to put some order, remove some that you no longer use or just know which plugins blocks you need and which you don’t, because you don’t use any block.

A simple idea but with a great utility, don’t you think?

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