What are the tables in the WooCommerce database? What is each one used for?

If you ever need to retrieve information from an online store it is vital that you know how the information is stored in its database, in which table what is stored.

With WooCommerce is the same, it creates a lot of tables in the WordPress database, no less than 23 tables, and it is important that you know 2 things:

  • Which are the tables that WooCommerce needs, so as not to delete any by mistake.
  • What each one is for, in case you need to store or retrieve information from some of the tables.

Especially if you are a programmer specialized in WordPress and WooCommerce, this is information you should know.

Currently, according to the official documentation, these are the tables that WooCommerce adds to the WordPress database, and their usefulness:

Table nameDescription
actionscheduler_actionsStores information about actions to be executed by the action scheduler.
actionscheduler_logsAction scheduler execution logs.
woocommerce_sessionsStores customer session data, such as shopping carts.
woocommerce_api_keysStores the API keys used for the REST API.
woocommerce_attribute_taxonomiesStores the product attribute taxonomy names.
woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissionsStores access permissions for downloadable products (granted after purchase).
woocommerce_order_itemsStores line items associated with orders.
woocommerce_order_itemmetaStores meta data on order line items.
woocommerce_tax_ratesStores the tax rates you configure in the WooCommerce settings.
woocommerce_tax_rate_locationsStores locations (zip codes and cities) associated with tax rates.
woocommerce_shipping_zonesStores the shipping zones you create in the WooCommerce settings.
woocommerce_shipping_zone_locationsStore the locations associated with your shipping zones.
woocommerce_shipping_zone_methodsStore the shipping methods associated with your shipping zones.
woocommerce_payment_tokensStores customer payment tokens (used by payment gateways).
woocommerce_payment_tokenmetaStores the meta data of the payment tokens.
woocommerce_logGeneral logging table (alternative to file-based logging).
wc_webhooksStores any webhooks that have been configured in the store.
wc_download_logLogs user downloads of downloadable products.
wc_product_meta_lookupRevises the table that indexes the meta data of the orders to speed up the requests.
wc_tax_rate_classesStores the data of the tax types.
wc_reserved_stockStores reserved inventory and is used to avoid sequence conditions during payment.

Note: The names of each table are missing the prefix of your WordPress database, e.g. wp_

More information and details about the parameters and attributes of each table in the official WooCommerce development wiki.

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