Preview books like Amazon, but with WordPress and WooCommerce

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If you have an e-commerce, an online store and you sell books, the user is going to want a preview of the book. Not because they don’t trust it, not because they want to read a chapter for free, maybe it’s simply because the biggest online bookstore in the world is offering it, does it make sense?

The current reality of any online store is that it does not compete with other companies in its niche market, even if it is local, the reality is that we always, always compete with Amazon, because …

  • It’s the biggest online store in the world, no matter what you’re looking for.
  • Almost everyone has shopped on Amazon at one time or another.
  • Almost everyone knows how to shop on Amazon.
  • The first results of products in search engines are almost always from Amazon.

Being aware of this reality, if you want to compete with Amazon, you should at least copy them a bit and offer what they do at a minimum.

So, if you sell books you probably should offer a preview of the books. Amazon does it, why don’t you? You don’t know how to do it?

Let me show you Book Preview for WooCommerce.

This innovative plugin simplifies the ability to add previews of books (or whatever you want) on the product pages of WooCommerce.

Right after installing the plugin go through its simple and basic settings page, under WooCommerce Settings Book Preview, and set the texts and button colors to your liking.

preview books plugin settings

From now on, when you edit or create a product, you will have one more product data tab for previewing books, which you can configure if you are going to sell a book.

preview books tab on product settings

In addition to the author’s name and publication date, you can choose whether to display the preview in PDF or plain text and, a little further down, put the link to the sample PDF (PDF Preview), the sample text (Text Editor), or even an alternative preview for browsers that do not allow pop-up PDFs to be displayed.

When you finish configuring your product/book and its preview, update or publish the product and you will see the preview button.

preview of books example in product page

Clicking on the button will display a full screen popup window where you can read the PDF excerpt or text uploaded in the product data, plus a sidebar (remember to activate it in the initial settings of the plugin as I told you before) from which to view the basic data of the book (featured image, author, title, price) and, most importantly, add it to the cart.

preview of the book open example

Nothing to envy to Amazon’s book preview.

Surely offering the book preview, in addition to showing a more complete and professional environment, will improve your book sales.

This is a pro salesman move.

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1 thought on “Preview books like Amazon, but with WordPress and WooCommerce”

  1. Robert Phillips-Legge

    Hi, I like the idea of this product, but it isn’t exactly what I need. You see, I sell sheet music which these days more and more is being supplied as a PDF. One of my suppliers is Oxford University Press (OUP), one of the biggest music publishers, as well as of other books. I currently have around 9,000 PDFs for sale. I’m currently having to upload two copies of each PDF, one for the customer to by and one for them to preview on the site. Can your plugin take that PDF and just show say 10% or the 1st three pages of an existing PDF?

    Many thanks


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