Parallax Effect – how to add it in WordPress

One of the most used visual resources nowadays is the parallax effect, as it adds dynamism, turning static content into attractive elements that move with the user’s navigation.

What is the parallax effect?

The parallax effect is not new, it comes from old videogames and refers to the effect of elements moving over a background that remains fixed.

It is an effect in which the different elements of the same section are like in different layers, and move independently of each other, some remaining fixed while others move at different speeds above or behind the rest.

The simplest example, and also the most common in today’s websites, is a section with a background image or video over which, when the user scrolls, other superimposed elements, such as text or buttons, move.

How to apply the parallax effect in WordPress

The best of all is that you can apply parallax effects in WordPress in many different ways, and almost all in a very simple way, without having to learn to program with most methods.

Applying parallax effect in WordPress with themes

themes with parallax by default

There are lots of themes that offer default sections that already include parallax effects. With these themes, you only have to add the section and it already has the necessary controls to create the parallax effect, while you only have to choose the different elements of the section, the fixed ones and the ones that will “float” when navigating.

Some free themes you will find that offer this type of parallax section are the following:

Apply parallax effect with Elementor

If you use the Elementor design tool, both in its free and Pro versions, you can easily apply parallax effects to any section, modifying the style to make the attachment fixed, whether it is an image or a video.

parallax effect with elementor

Apply parallax effect with Divi

If you use Divi you can also apply the parallax effect in a really easy way.

Just open the background section of the section with the image you want to apply the parallax effect to and choose between the 2 methods of applying parallax:

  • True Parallax
  • CSS
parallax effect with divi

Both methods apply the parallax effect but apply the effect differently:

  • True parallax uses JavaScript to apply different speeds to the elements.
  • CSS parallax only uses CSS styles and the effect is less impactful in certain sections.

For performance and load optimization reasons, the CSS parallax method is lighter, but sometimes you will want true parallax.

Applying parallax effect in WordPress with plugins

parallax effects

You don’t use Elementor, Divi or a theme that comes with parallax sections? No problem, you also have plugins with which to apply the parallax effect.

A couple of really interesting ones are the following:

Parallax Section block

This is very interesting and easy to use, you only have to do the following:

  1. You install and activate the plugin.
  2. In the WordPress block editor add the “Parallax section block” block that you will find in the widgets group.
  3. Customize the behavior of the parallax effect in the “Parallax section” settings.
  4. Inside this block add any other standard or custom blocks, which will inherit the parallax effect from the plugin block.
parallax section block settings

Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

This other plugin not only allows you to add parallax effects with blocks but also with the classic editor, even with the famous WP Bakery layout.

It allows you to apply all kinds of parallax effects to images, videos and colored backgrounds, with lots of settings and possible customizations, both through the block you add to the editor, as well as through the shortcode generator of the classic editor.

advanced wordpress backgrounds block settings

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