Organizing WordPress Media in Custom and Per User Folders


Do you manage a WordPress website? Then you’ll be adding lots of media files, like images, videos, documents, all through the media library.

The result, after a while, is that you’ll have thousands of files completely out of order. Also, the internal WordPress search engine doesn’t help either, because you can only filter by file type, with no way to organize your media by folder.

If you want a more professional and controlled way to manage your media, there are plugins that help you do it, and of all the ones I like the most, for simplicity and features (free) is called FileBird.

It is a file and folder manager, which is fully integrated into the media library, allowing you to organize your files and folders by dragging and dropping, create new folders, subfolders, and much more.

Simply organizing your files by folders and subfolders already introduces an element of management that by itself already greatly improves the administration of your media, but there is more.

filebird folder organization

With FileBird you can …

  • Create files and folders with useful names, easy to identify and manage
  • You can assign folders as subfolders of other
  • You can change the size of the folder tree navigation bar
  • Upload files to a specific folder by simply choosing it first from the drop-down menu
  • Search easily by file or folder name from the same sidebar you add
  • From the WordPress editor you can also use the FileBird
  • Use the FileBird block gallery to insert multiple media files into a publication
  • Sort your folders as you like, dragging and dropping them as you want
  • Make each user have their own distinct folder structure

The first step is to apply its only setting, that of allowing folders per user, which is essential if you have a multi-user website.

filebird setting

From there on, it’s all about enjoyment.

Friendly user interface

Drag and drop to upload or move files in batches to folders. Drag and drop to rearrange folders and subfolders.

Smart menu
Right-click to quickly create, rename or delete folders in the same way you do on your computer.

All control in one toolbar
The FileBird sidebar gives you full control over the files and folders you create.

Import and synchronize the media structure from other plugins by folder organization.

In addition, FileBird will leave no trace if you decide to uninstall it, it has a setting to delete all your data and the folders are virtual, not physically created.

Great search engine
You can search by file and folder not only in the side bar of the media library but also in the editor.

Batch delete folder
You can delete folders in batches in one click. The files in those folders will be returned to the default category.

filbird file organization

The chaos of the media library is over. Once you start using FileBird you will not be able to live without it, especially on sites with many images, and especially if you have several users.

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