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Lottery systems are not only an important source of income for governments around the world, but also a garden of emotions and dreams for almost everyone, because who hasn’t ever thought about what they would do if they won a millionaire’s prize in a lottery?

What is clear is that the game works, the possibility of being one among many, of winning a lot of money with little or no effort, is something that has been exploited by all kinds of sectors since humanity exists, and that continues to be a tremendous attraction today.

Or have you not seen the success that some courses continue to have in achieving economic freedom, of living almost without working or earning automatic income from home?

Well, this is the ancient human desire for quick success, immediate wealth.

Whether it’s the lottery, the Christmas jackpot or any of the hundreds of lotteries that exist in all countries, what is clear is that it is something that calls a lot of attention, like everything that is involved in winning money quickly and easily.

In any country for the most famous lottery the different news webs fight to be the winners in the searches, giving weeks, if not months, of work to the SEO, so that the day indicated their web is the first in the results, when millions of citizens anxiously look for the result of the draw, to see if the next day they will have to return to that job that does not satisfy them or, on the contrary, if they will undertake the trip of their life and make their dreams related to all types of possessions come true.

What does all this have to do with WordPress?

Okay, it took you long enough to ask …

Well, WordPress is good for making websites, isn’t it? And you can also use your WordPress website to join this collective madness of the millionaire draws, of the lotteries, in several ways.

So let’s see what uses we can give our WordPress to also “play” the lottery.

Displaying lottery results in WordPress

One of the most logical and immediate uses, for which all digital newspapers compete, is to offer the results of the most famous lotteries, if possible in real time.

Plugins for displaying lottery results

There are plugins that allow us to show results from the main lotteries.

One of them is magayo Lottery Results, with which you can show results from the main lotteries in dozens of countries.

The first step is to request an API key for the service by email from the plugin’s settings page, after which you can select the country and customize the look and feel of the results.

magayo settings display

Magayo display settings

magayo settings games

Magayo games settings

Once you have configured it to your liking, you can display the results of the chosen lotteries using the widget provided by the plugin.

Automatic generation of bets

In this other category we would have plugins as easy to use as Lotto.

There is nothing to configure, you simply install it, activate it, and it offers you a widget from which your web visitors can automatically generate numbers to play their favorite lottery, simply by choosing the number of numbers to use for their combination.

lotto widget settings
lotto widget example

Create a lottery with WordPress

The next step, if the legislation of your country allows it, would be to create a lottery, a game of chance.

If you can use it, it can be an interesting lever for loyalty, game, involvement of your users.

And for this purpose, the only decent thing I have found is Lottery for WooCommerce.

The operation is very simple, and the only requirement is to have WooCommerce installed and active.

Once the plugin is active you create a product and, instead of simple, variable or any of the usual product types, you choose the product type called “Lottery“.

The different fields available for your game will be shown below.

Lottery for woocommerce lottery product settings
Lottery for woocommerce lottery product settings

Once created, users can participate in the lottery by paying the price you have specified, or for free if you prefer.

Lottery for woocommerce lottery product example

Once the lottery is over on the date you have set you can announce the winners and a gift product will be created for the winner.

The main features of the plugin are the following:

  • You can add a question that users must answer to participate in the lottery.
  • You can require users to register in order to play the lottery.
  • You can set a price or make the ticket to participate in the lottery free.
  • Desktop for administrators and users from which to view their lotteries.
  • You can start and end any lottery from the desktop.
  • You can end the lottery when all the tickets have been sold, without waiting for the end date configured.
  • You can decide if the tickets will be created automatically or if the user can choose his number.
  • You can decide if the winners will be chosen automatically or manually.
  • Email notifications for administrators and users.

As you can see, very complete, and a very interesting opportunity for all kinds of contests and lotteries.

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