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Can you imagine being able to insert any design that you have created with Divi in any entry or page of your website, without activating Divi in that entry or page?

Let’s put ourselves in a situation… we’ll teach you this power.

The problem

You have created designs with Divi, saved in your Divi library to reuse them, and it’s okay, it’s very easy to add them from the Divi builder, but what if you want to incorporate that design into a post or page that is not created with Divi but with the WordPress editor?

Is it possible? By default no, you would have to activate the editor.

The solution

But if you install and activate the free plugin Shortcodes for Divi is done.

Once installed and activated what you’ll see is a new column in your Divi library, with a shortcode automatically created for each design.

Well, it’s almost there. Just copy the shortcode of the design you want to insert in a page or entry.

Then go to the entry or page you want it to be displayed on and paste it in. Just like that.

That’s how it would be in the WordPress editor, in a shotcode block.

What is the result?

What you wanted, in that entry or page, created with the WordPress editor, will show everything that contained your Divi design, the union of both worlds.

As you will see it is not to be used the same everywhere, but surely it is a solution for many utilities that you had thought and did not know how to integrate your designs created with Divi in entries or pages that you did not want to edit with the Divi builder.

One more example of the enormous possibilities of Divi.

Read this post in Spanish: Inserta diseños de Divi en cualquier parte

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