How to improve the default WordPress themes?

2021 theme

When we first see the default Twenty-something WordPress themes we might think that they are the best ones right? They are there for a reason right? They must be the most optimized for WordPress right?

But the reality is that they are not very good, they lack crucial customizations that almost any website owner wants to make their website look good.

So…what do we see when we open the customizer of the Twenty Twenty-One WordPress theme?

Default customizations for Twenty Twenty-One

Well well… it doesn’t look too bad(although we already have Yoast and WooCommerce installed). But when we look further into the customizations we start to see what is missing here.. a small number of customizations to change on each part.

It definitely looks like these default themes are useless… But what have we taught you all this time about WordPress? That’s right, you got it.

Options for Twenty-something themes

You definitely have options for older themes like Twenty twenty, Twenty nineteen… But let’s focus on the newest one. And we notice the difference really fast.

Options for Twenty Twenty-One plugin

Congratulations! We have 6 more tabs to customize your website for free! Let’s take a deeper look.

That’s power right there. Power to customize your website.

And notice that most of the captures are cropped so we have even more options than what you can see here, and even more with the premium version, but the free version is more than enough.

  • General Options
    • Font size, sidebar selection, alignment values, archive grid template.
  • Header Options
    • Settings(display etc), header color, header image, header heights and paddings, logo settings, title settings, description settings, header border settings.
  • Nav Options
    • Settings, alignments, colors, icons, font settings.
  • Content Options
    • Settings, colors, padding, fonts, borders.
  • Footer Options
    • Settings, colors, borders, fonts, margins.
  • Colors & dark mode
    • More color options

So if you want to use them, you definitely can now with this new options. And if you don’t, we had some recommendations on this blog about themes for WooCommerce.

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