I want an slider with logos and my theme doesn’t have one. Should I change the theme?

Until very recently, if you wanted to show a carousel or slider of logos with the logos of companies, clients or collaborators on any page of your website, you had to choose a theme that offered this feature.

But that is no longer necessary, nowadays with WordPress you don’t need to choose your theme for that simple functionality, you can add it in many ways, and let’s see them.

Plugins to add a logos slider

There are several plugins that you can install in WordPress that will allow you to display an slider with your favorite logos.

These are the best I’ve found and tried:

GS Logo Slider

It offers both a shortcode and a block for the Gutenberg editor and provides an easy way to insert a logo carousel wherever you want in your entries and pages.

To create the carousel you just have to add your logos in the plugin’s interface, as if it was an entry, with the type of content it contains, put a URL, category, etc.

Then, in its settings you can configure the behavior of the carousel.

When you insert it, it works great, you have to say, with lots of options and a very simple interface.

Logo Slider WP

This plugin offers its own interface to configure your logo carousel, where you add the images, put URLs on them if you want, and then it has settings to configure its operation, slider, etc.

Once configured you insert it by means of the shortcode that it offers, simple and effective, and very light.

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

Again a simple plugin to add an slider of logos, in this case by shortcode or editor block.

You can organize logos by categories and then show the category of logos as an slider, something very practical if you are going to have several carousels of logos.

As you can see, there are several options. I don’t have a favorite, install them and try to see which one you like best and fits your needs, they are all free.

Blocks to add a logo slider

Well, there are several collections of blocks that include a logo carousel block, and fortunately you’re starting to see loose blocks, like plugins, that offer only the block you need, in this case a logo slider block.

As far as block collections are concerned, most only offer the logo slider block in their premium versions, but there are some exceptions.

Gutenberg We-Blocks

Once you install the collection you have a new block, “WE – Logo Carousel Block”.

There’s no mystery to its interface, just press the + button and add logos.

Then you set it up to your liking and you’ve got it.

Gosign Logo Slider Block

Look, here is one of the first of many individual blocks from the block directory that we will soon be able to install in WordPress.

Once installed, it’s available in the WordPress block editor.

You simply choose the images, which are added as in any image gallery, and configure the settings to your liking. That’s it.

Its use is simple and intuitive, however I don’t like its visualization very much. The WE Blocks carousel looks much better, but it may be improved as it becomes more popular.


Although it doesn’t look like it, my favorite block collection also offers the possibility of showing a logo slider, actually of whatever you want.

And I don’t mean the one that, a priori, would seem the right block, “Logos and badges”, because it only shows you the logos like any other image gallery, without a carousel or anything.

I’m talking about the “Slider” block, which does serve to create beautiful carousels of images, but what are logos if not images?

In fact the images are added as in any gallery.

But the difference that the CoBlocks carousel makes is that it has more configuration settings than all the plugins and blocks I’ve tried.

As soon as you “play” with its settings you can do almost anything with the carousel, including adding a lower list with thumbnails, making it draggable, activating light table when clicked, everything.

In the case of the blocks to include carousels of logos, I have been surprised myself, and the best is the one for CoBlocks, especially for the amount of adjustments it allows, making it totally customizable, and above all easy to use.

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