HTML tables without borders in WordPress

The WordPress block editor has made it much easier to do something that until recently required installing additional plugins or knowing HTML: Creating tables.

Just add a table block, decide what rows and columns it will have, and apply one of the styles it offers.

Settings for tables

But what it doesn’t offer is the possibility to remove the borders, in the available styles there are always visible lines or stripes that separate cells, rows and columns.

It’s a very useful resource, and I’ve seen users that have installed a plugin just for this, when in fact it’s not necessary.

If you want your tables to be borderless, just add the following code to the “Additional CSS” section of the WordPress customizer:

table, tr, td {
border: none;
}Code language: CSS (css)

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6 thoughts on “HTML tables without borders in WordPress”

  1. I’ve added it to the Additional CSS section, doesn’t work. Why the hell would WordPress not have an easy fix for something like this? It’s foundational HTML!

  2. Try to add the CSS to the Customizer > Additional CSS section and make the code like this:

    table, tr, td {
    border: none !important;

    worked for me

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