How to transfer the domain of your WordPress site

The domain is a fundamental part of your WordPress website. This element is the unique address of your website. It is composed of the name you have chosen for your project and an extension; the famous .com, .org, etc.

For various reasons you may decide to make a domain transfer. At this point it is necessary to distinguish between the domain provider, also known as domain server, and the web hosting.

The web hosting is the place where your website is hosted and maintained. The domain provider, on the other hand, is the company with which you register your web domain. The confusion usually comes because many hosting companies offer the possibility of registering the domain with them at the same time that you hire a server with which you can access the Internet with your web.

4 simple steps to follow for a domain transfer

The process you must follow to change the domain server of your WordPress page is very simple.

Disable domain transfer blocker

The first thing you should do is make sure that the domain transfer blocker is not active. This security measure is crucial to prevent anyone from transferring the domain, which could cause you serious problems.

Request authorization code

Once your domain is unlocked, you will need an authorization code that certifies that the operation can be done properly. This code must be requested to your old provider who will send it to your email. If the email with the code takes a while to arrive, do not forget to check your spam folder in case it is there.

Enter your web domain

Now it is time to enter the complete domain name of your website in the specified place. Not all platforms have the same design, but they should have a specific space (which is usually easily identifiable) where you should put this information.

Confirm domain transfer

The last step of all is to validate the process. Once you have done this, the change will take place, although it may take a few days to become effective.

Although it is not a complicated process, it is logical that you may have doubts or feel that you are doing something you shouldn’t. For this reason it is always a good idea to transfer your domain to a provider that offers you the best service. For this reason it is always a good idea to transfer your domain to a provider that offers a good customer service that you can contact to help you solve any problems that may arise.

Reasons to transfer the domain name of your website

The domain transfer is by no means a mandatory procedure. It is up to each user. The reasons why you may want to carry out the change are varied.

One of the main reasons that may push you to take the domain of your WordPress website to another provider is the price, especially if you manage several pages simultaneously. Depending on the number of portals you control, the savings can be significant.

Having more than one domain can be a headache if you do not manage them efficiently. That is why it is much more comfortable and intelligent to have all the domains registered with the same provider, as this will make management much easier, faster and more manageable.

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