How to split WordPress exported XML files into several smaller ones

When you have to migrate content from one website to another, WordPress itself offers the import and import tool, but sometimes we find limitations that prevent the import.

I say this because there are times when the imported file is so large that it does not finish importing or simply does not get imported.

This is usually due to the upload size limit of your server, or the timeout limit, both of which are PHP parameters that, although you can try to skip them, it is not always possible.

But there are other possible solutions to this problem…

Split XML into parts when exporting

Whether you are migrating from to WordPress or another type of export, if you have a lot of content the export XML files will be quite heavy, many MB in some cases.

The problem is simple, if you have years of content and you export the whole file it will weigh a lot, and you may have problems when importing, either because of too much size, or because you have been importing for too long, and your server may stop the operation for one reason or another.

It’s better to export in parts, splitting them by date, by author, by category, whatever you prefer.

Instead of a single file, you will have several XML files, but all of them are small, which you will be able to import little by little, and they will not give you problems with server limits or PHP.

It’s as simple as renaming them with the year or whatever as you download them.

Then you simply import one by one.

Split the exported XML with an application

You can split the XML other way, whether you have exported the import XML files yourself, or – more commonly – you have been passed them and don’t have the option to do several small exports, is to use an application to split a large XML into several smaller ones.

As far as I know, there are these two, depending on the operating system you use:

Once your content has been splitted into several XMLs, all that remains is to import, now in parts, but with the peace of mind that the process will not be slowed down.

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