How to reset any theme’s customizer settings

Isn’t it true that there are themes that offer lots of settings that you can set to your liking from the WordPress customizer? And how easy it is to customize your website thanks to this tool? But sometimes we want to go back to the start.

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The problem

Now, what happens when you go overboard customizing and you get to a point where your website has become horrible or you just don’t know where you have disabled that cool feature that now you can’t find?

The solution

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reset button on these occasions?

Well, this is exactly what the Reset Customizer plugin offers.

Just install it and activate it, just like any other free plugin.

customizer rete plugin

Now just go to the customizer and you will find a new button, “Reset“.

customizer reset new reset button

If you click on it you will get a warning that the customizer settings will be reset to their default values for the theme you have active and that this is irreversible.

customizer reset warning

If you accept, you are done!

The settings of the active theme will return to the default settings, as if it was the first time you open the customizer with that theme active.

I’ve tested it with lots of themes, of course also with the best themes for online stores, with Divi, with Astra, with the most popular and even with some not so well known like Unwind, and of course, with the default WordPress themes, and it works perfectly with all of them.

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