How to limit the number of orders per day, hour or whatever

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It will seem crazy, because when you think about creating an online store, if you are asked how many orders you want to make per day I guess we would all answer that the more the better, right?

But it’s not always like that, and there are situations, occasions, specific services, in which it’s good to control the number of orders per day, per hour, for whatever reason, for example, if you are not able to manage too many orders per hour correctly and the store goes into chaos.

If you are in this situation, here is the solution…

Limit Orders

This plugin, available for free download from GitHub and also from or from the plugin installer, allows you to specify the order limit and range from a new settings page that you add to WooCommerce.

Just check the first box, set the maximum number of orders and the interval.

In the second part of the settings you can customize the different messages that will be displayed to users when:

  • The maximum number of orders is reached.
  • In the button to place an order when the maximum number is reached.
  • The error message when trying to place an order with the maximum reached.

So you know, if you need to limit the number of orders per hour, day, week or whatever, you have a great free plug-in that helps you control this situation.

Read this post in Spanish: Cómo limitar el número de pedidos por día, hora o lo que sea #SemanaWooCommerce

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