How to hide all update notices in WordPress

The WordPress update system is a really useful tool, which alerts you every time there is an update of plugins, themes or WordPress itself.

But sometimes it’s overwhelming to have so many update notices in sight, that they can make the untempered administrator update without doing the checks first.

I’m not saying that you don’t have to update, quite the contrary, because you always have to keep WordPress up to date, but you don’t have to update at the exact moment when it appears that there is a new update, and above all, always do it in an orderly and safe manner.

A responsible webmaster will schedule the updates, not just to do them any day, but in a scheduled way, after backing up and testing everything as soon as it is updated in a copy of the web, not in a crazy way, just because it is overwhelming to see updates.

It is also very common that, when you do web maintenance to clients, if they have enough permissions, they get nervous to see for several days that there are pending updates, and think that you are not taking care of their website properly, when in fact it is quite the opposite, it is because you are a responsible and methodical administrator.

Well, in these cases and many more than sure you can think of, a way to avoid that stress of update notices is simply to hide them, so that later, the day you have scheduled, you check what is pending to be updated and make safe and responsible updates.

And there are several methods of hiding these updates, so let’s see what options we have…

Hide updates only from plugins

If you just want to hide the plugin updates the trick is to add the following code to your customization plugin or theme functions.php file:

//Hide plugin updates
add_filter('pre_site_transient_update_plugins','__return_null');Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Save the changes and you will no longer see any update notices for any plugins.

Hide updates only from WordPress

If you prefer to hide only the core, WordPress updates, the code to use would be this one:

//Hide WordPress updates
function remove_core_updates()
 if(! current_user_can('update_core')){return;}
 add_action('init', create_function('$a',"remove_action( 'init', 'wp_version_check' );"),2);
}Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Hide updates for everything: plugins, themes and WordPress

If you have it clear and want to hide all the updates, then your code is this one:

//Hide all updates
function remove_core_updates(){
global $wp_version;return(object) array('last_checked'=> time(),'version_checked'=> $wp_version,);
add_filter('pre_site_transient_update_themes','remove_core_updates');Code language: PHP (php)

Selectively hide updates with a plugin

If you are more of a plug-in, with Disable All Updates you can selectively choose which updates to hide.

However, any administrator user will be able to access the plugin’s settings and change the options, so it’s still not very professional to use this option, don’t you think?

The result

However, in any of the previous cases, what you get is an administration without notices of updates, partial or complete.

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