How to change the footer Credits in Divi and Extra themes

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As you may know, all WordPress themes usually have a credits text in the footer where there are links to the author of the theme, to WordPress, and sometimes even to companies that collaborate with the developer.

This looks good, but when you buy a theme and want to control the SEO of your website, those default texts and links have to be changed or deleted.

Whether you want to put your own links or simply remove the default ones, it is always advisable to customize the footer texts of WordPress themes.

In many themes, this process inevitably involves editing the PHP file in the footer (footer.php), but today we will see how this is done in Elegant Themes’ Divi and Extra themes, which are 2 of the most popular WordPress themes.

How to change the footer credits in Divi

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes of all time, and has for years helped entrepreneurs, SMEs, and freelancers create websites easily and quickly, hence its success.

And if there’s one thing that stands out about Divi, it’s precisely how easy it is to customize practically any part of the theme, and the footer was no less.

To change the default text in Divi’s footer you just have to go to the theme customizer, from the administration of your WordPress in Appearance > Customize.

Once the customizer opens go to the “Footer” section then “Bottom Bar” section and “Edit Footer Credits

Simply replace the default text and links with what you want to put, and you can use HTML tags for links and formats.

Publish your changes and you’re done.

How to change the footer credits in Extra

With the Extra theme the thing changes, because you won’t find that same section to edit the footer credits in the editor.

For some reason the programmers forgot to add that feature in the Extra theme, even though it shares the same layout, the Divi builder.

In this case we’ll use a trick, using a little JavaScript code, but you’ll see how easy it is to apply even if you don’t know how to program.

The code is the following:

var year = new Date();
year = year.getFullYear();
	$('#footer-info').html('&copy; ' + year + ' <a href="">LINK TEXT</a> | ADDITIONAL CUSTOMIZED TEXT');
</script>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

If you look at the code, you don’t really need to understand what it does, just note that there is a URL that you must change to put yours, as well as the custom texts.

Having this clear, the best and easiest way to add this code is in the settings of the Extra theme itself.

Go to the Extra Theme options, and in the “Integration” tab make sure you check the “Enable header code” box and then paste your custom JavaScript code there.

Save the changes and you will have changed the footer to your liking, with your own texts, credits and links in the Extra theme.

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