Easy nofollow and sponsored links… and more Yoast SEO improvements

In the latest update, the Yoast SEO Plugin has introduced some improvements to the WordPress block editor that you can now try out.

“NoFollow” and “Sponsored” links

For my taste the most interesting improvement is that in the link insertion box there are now two boxes with which you can easily add “nofollow” and “sponsored” link relationships.

We should already know about the “nofollow” relationship, and also about how Google introduced the “sponsored” relationship, so I won’t get too involved, but in short, they have their reason to exist because of this:

  • nofollow: tells search engines not to consider the link or share page rank with it.
  • sponsored: tells the search engines that it is a paid link, that they should not count from each to the positioning either.

Well, now it is very easy to add these relationships to your links, so…

Additionally, notice when you use it that marking a link as “sponsored” automatically activates the “nofollow” box, which is the indication that Google made about it.

SEO advices before publishing

In addition to the above improvement, an additional step has been introduced in the pre-publication checks of entries and pages, which will now show a summary of Yoast’s analysis of SEO and readability.

If there are elements that can be improved, it shows a button to return to the analysis section of Yoast SEO in the editor to review them.

And these are the main new features of the last version, and although it’s true that I don’t usually comment every new update of this plugin or any other, this time I think it’s relevant that you are informed about these new options, really interesting.

Finally, you should know that these improvements only work with the block editor and WordPress updated to the latest version or with the Gutenberg plugin installed and active.

So if you still use the classic editor or don’t have updated WordPress you won’t see these changes.

Read this post in Spanish: Enlaces «nofollow» y «sponsored» fáciles … y más mejoras en Yoast SEO

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