Divi Top 10 Templates – One of the many reasons why Divi remains the best WordPress theme

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Although the WordPress editor is advancing step by step until it becomes a layout maker, it still has a long way to go, and if we compare it to Divi it will take forever, which I don’t think it ever will.

And this is because the concept of the Divi theme goes far beyond simply adding blocks of this or that, Divi is a complete design tool, while the WordPress block editor is a mere page building utility using text blocks, images, etc.

It is true that there are plugins that are improving it, incorporating blocks that can sometimes imitate Divi modules and other layout creators, but without ever reaching the levels of customization of Divi, the undisputed king.

But if there is something that also distinguishes Divi are their templates, designs or layouts, as you prefer to call them.

And it is that although WordPress is also incorporating block patterns, which in many cases could be homologated to templates, there is no comparison, they are a thousand light-years away from Divi’s templates, of which here I show you some of the best, really impressive, from the almost 200 you can choose.

Divi template for real estate agents

This template has 7 layouts, for contact page, cover page, sales page, but mainly for property listings.

It is a perfect template to show pictures of properties for sale or rent, with everything you need, just change the pictures and edit the property files or add your own.

Divi template for dentists

This template is perfect for all types of clinics, not just dentists.

I especially like that it is very clear, diaphanous and easy to navigate and has a really nice service page.

Divi Template for Podcast

If you are an audio content creator, Divi’s template for podcasts is great. The aesthetic is insane, and it’s perfect for both announcing and sharing your audios.

The way it displays podcast episodes is simply powerful and easy to navigate. Really appealing.

Divi template for churches or religious services

Although it may surprise you, this is perhaps the most beautiful template there is for Divi, and it’s not just for religious services.

I have used it in many different types of webs and it has some really nice, smooth, wonderful block, section and page designs. It will surprise you.

You change a little the colors and it is worth you almost for any type of web, it is a specially nice template.

Divi template for Sushi restaurants

Although the images are relative to Japanese cuisine dishes, this template can be used for any type of restaurant just by changing the photos.

The design is elegant and very focused on the pictures.

The template for the menu page is tremendously useful and beautiful.

Divi template for renovation company

If you have a construction, architecture, engineering or renovation company this template is ideal.

It has no less than 9 page designs with clear lines, minimalist design and clear typography, while very focused on the images.

Divi template for NGOs

This is an especially useful template, because you will practically not have to change anything, except the texts, since the predefined images and designs are perfect, ready to be used by any charity or non-profit institution.

There are 7 page templates to set up your NGO’s website in minutes.

Divi template for influencers

Do you have a powerful personal brand and want to showcase a website that says the best about you? Or maybe you’re just starting to build a brand and need a solid foundation from which to offer content to your followers?

This template is very easy to use, you just have to change the photos, retouch texts and start gaining fans. You have up to 9 page templates to use on your website.

Divi template for online magazines

If you have an online magazine or newspaper and you need to make a quick website to navigate, with well defined sections and focused on content this template is ideal.

The navigation by sections, the authors page and news are simply great, clean and reading oriented.

Divi templates for online stores

Although you can use practically any Divi template for online stores, since the layout builder offers product modules that can be integrated into any design, you can choose some of the predefined templates in the design selector.

You have 3 pre-defined designs from which to start:

  • Online furniture store
  • Hardware online store
  • Generic online store

They all have a fantastic layout of product and store pages, are quick to load and easy to customize to your needs, so you can use any of them as a starting point.

You can even exchange templates from one design with another.

How to use templates in Divi

Using templates to create complete websites or specific pages in Divi is very easy. To start, launch the Divi builder on the new page.

And among the 3 boxes, select the “Choose a premade layout” one. Next you will see the template browser (layouts).

You can use the search engine or select by category.

Once you have chosen a template (layout), select the specific template of the complete design that you want to use for your page.

Simply select the different “patterns” or layouts and press the green “Use this layout” button to start loading the different elements of your page.

In a few seconds you will have all the basic structure of the chosen design to start modifying the texts and images to your liking.

What do I need to use Divi templates

If you want to use Divi templates to create fantastic websites in a few clicks it won’t work if you have an un-updated or downloaded copy “out there”, you need to have an active Divi license because the designs are uploaded from Elegant Themes’ servers.

So you know, if you want to get all the potential of Divi to create websites with great designs quickly, thanks to the templates, buy a license of Divi.

Here is a link with a discount, another incentive to start enjoying Divi, if you want.

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