Divi speed improvements with 4.8 – More than 700%


If you use the Divi theme + layout you’re a lucky one, and if not, you’re already late to try the best, most powerful and most visually appealing WordPress layout.

Divi stands out from other layouts for several reasons, but especially in the intuitive way it is used, because you modify the design directly on the page, as a designer would expect, not from a column or settings bar and controls.

It also complies with the WordPress philosophy, as it is open source and has always been GPL licensed, and uses React technology, one of the most advanced JavaScript frameworks for visual interfaces.

And yes, this is all great, but the reality is that due to its great power, the layout tool did not always work as smoothly and quickly as one would wish … until now.

I honestly don’t know what they have done internally, but after the tests the speed improvements are absolutely insane.

divi 4.8 improvements

As you can see in the table above, there are inmense performance improvements, especially in the previously slower actions.

Before Divi 4.8 the slowest action lasted up to almost 12 seconds (the change to grid mode/view), now the slowest action is less than 1.5 seconds, leaving the rest far below those times.

But the biggest improvement, noticeable in performance, speed, and workflow with Divi’s visual layout, is its immediate response, in my tests even much faster than in the tests they’ve done in Elegant Themes.

You don’t have to trust me either, just upgrade Divi to version 4.8 and you will see the change, totally impressive, in the whole workflow with the visual layout, from its loading to any minimal action, something that is totally evident from the first impression.

What do I have to do to access this amazing Divi speed upgrade?

The solution is simple: upgrade to Divi 4.8 and you will see that the change is huge.

If you don’t have a license yet, renew it or buy it, here I leave you a link with a permanent discount, so that it gets even cheaper than it is, for everything Divi can offer:

Read this post in Spanish: Divi aumenta la velocidad de su maquetador visual hasta más de un 700%

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