Divi Lightbox for single images

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to use this plugin, a utility I’ve always believed Divi should have by default.

The plugin recently was giving problems, because something had changed in the latest versions of Divi.

Specifically, there were two things that had changed:

  • It no longer loaded the Magnific Popup library by default.
  • The CSS classes of the images had changed.

As a result, the plugin was not working except for very rare occasions, but now it works perfectly with any version of Divi.

Now, if an image is linked to itself it will be displayed in a popup window when clicked, avoiding the usability disaster of being displayed in the whole window.

The Divi Lightbox for Images plugin doesn’t need any configuration, just install and activate it like any other plugin.

Once activated you only have to check its operation in any post or page where there is an image with a link to the file.

Link image to media file
Lightbox effect

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