Customize all WordPress editor blocks without code


WordPress editor blocks lack many settings to be able to customize them.

Some powerful code lovers would tell you … “Well, learn CSS” But let’s be honest, not everyone may like it.

Because the WordPress editor offers little when it comes to customizing the blocks, more and more with the time, but little, and it seems that it will never reach the levels of Divi or other markup artists like Elementor.

Really? In this world of nocode I will have to learn to program only to apply small adjustments to my contents?

Of course not!

If you need to apply customizations to your editor blocks …

  • Typography
  • Backgrounds (simple and degraded)
  • Shadows
  • Borders
  • Edge radius
  • Margins
  • Paddings
  • Sizes (adaptable to devices)
  • Extras and CSS

The solution is simple, and free.

Editor Plus to the rescue!

This simple but powerful plugin doesn’t even have any settings, you just have to install it, activate it, and your block editor will never be the same again.

In all the blocks you add to your content you will have all the customization options that you can see below, and all at the click of a button.

And, well, if in addition you continue wanting to apply CSS, also incorporates a colored CSS editor and with lines.

As you can see in the previous screenshot, the difference is brutal compared to what the default editor offers, and of course, by displaying each customization section the options are practically infinite…

I think you can use this power for now. And remember...its free.

Read this post in Spanish: Personaliza todos los bloques del editor de WordPress sin código

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