How to create a grouped product in WooCommerce

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A grouped product is a special type of WooCommerce product, very useful for almost any online store, which allows you to offer products of the same type in a simple way.

Imagine the situation where you have several similar products but one sells a lot and the rest almost nothing, well the idea is to create a parent product that groups them and favors and facilitates the sale of all from the same page.

Let’s see how to create them.

Create the grouped product

The first step is to create the grouped product, or parent, which by itself will not be available for purchase as such, but is a kind of container for the products that will be part of the group.

For example, let’s say you create a grouped product called Lord of the Rings Books, generic, which by itself is not an item for sale, but which will later show the real products: the specific book products that we will then modify and associate (group) to the parent product, each of them maintaining their own attributes and variations.

Grouped products don’t have a price, as they inherit it from the grouped products. So choose the grouped product and then, in “Linked products”, add the products that will be part of the grouping.

Grouped product setting of linked products

Note: it is better not to activate the ratings in the grouped parent product, it would not make any sense as it is not a product as such.

That’s it, you have nothing more to do in this grouped product, or parent. The idea of this product is that it serves as a container in which the “children” and real items will be displayed, from which you can now choose and purchase.

Parent grouped product without linked products

As you can see in the above screenshot, of a parent grouped product with no child grouped products, the product has no price, no button to buy it or add it to the cart.

Grouping child products

Since version 3.0 of WooCommerce the child products are grouped directly in the grouped “parent” product just by adding them to the parent in its settings.

This means that you no longer have to edit each child product to “group” it but you group them when you create the parent product as explained in the previous step.

Once the grouping has been done in the products that will be part of the group, they will be shown in the page of the parent grouped product, being able to add one or several of them to the cart without changing the screen.

Parent grouped product with linked products

On the page of the parent grouped product the prices of the cheapest and the most expensive (in the example $21 and $23) will be shown, being able to add several products to the cart on a single page, which is the great advantage of grouped products, as you avoid purchase steps, while promoting some products together with others.

If only one of the products is discounted, the parent grouped product will be shown as an offer, another way of attracting customers to the grouping.

Then, in the customer’s cart, the added products behave like any other product, being able to order more units or remove each one independently.

cart with the grouped products

Also, of course, each of the products in the group will still have their own product page, and can be purchased independently like any other, that doesn’t change.

I think you may have been able to appreciate how interesting and potentially profitable WooCommerce grouped products are. They are very easy to create, basically we can summarize it in:

  1. Create the grouped product (parent).
  2. Without leaving this screen go to “Linked products” and add the child products that will be displayed in this parent grouped product.

They are not recommendations, it is something much better, they are groupings of products that can increase cross-sales in your online store by not having to go visiting and adding products one by one from their corresponding product pages, but the customer can add to purchase several related products from the same page.

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