Create a WordPress theme from any website in 3 clicks

Some time ago I discovered a service that allows you to create a WordPress theme from any website, no matter what it was created with, but until now I didn’t remember to tell you about it, and it’s an unforgivable mistake.

It turns out that if you have a website created with HTML, or any other system, and want to add content from a WordPress imitating its design with this system you can create a WordPress theme that fits completely to the existing website in a few clicks.

Just go to and follow a few simple steps…

Enter the URL of the website you want to “WordPressize”

Simply enter the current web address in the box and press the “Create Theme” button.

Select the areas to “WordPressize”

In the next screen you will load the web, and the wizard encourages you to select the content area, which will be in the theme replaced by the WordPress loop, your entries.

Decide if you want a sidebar and where

As soon as you select the WordPress area, the wizard asks if you want a sidebar and where you want it (left, right, none).

Decide if you want to remove something from the WordPress theme

And finally, if you want any part of the website to be left out of the WordPress theme.

Automatic creation of the theme

In the next step the theme is automatically created, showing you a preview of it.

Download the theme

You could download the song now, but I warn you it’s not free.

But it is not an expensive service, because from $47 you can have a WordPress theme adapted to the design of an existing website.

Besides, the theme is totally HTML5 and CSS3, plus they offer you 2 revisions of the theme, in case something didn’t turn out the way you wanted.

As you can see, it’s a really curious and interesting service, in case you need to create a WordPress theme based on the design of an existing website, and the price is really cheap.

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