Brotli compression by default included in all SiteGround plans

Brotli concept

The hosting company SiteGround has incorporated by default Brotli compression in all its hosting plans, from the cheapest, so now the delivery of your content will be faster because this compression algorithm compresses your content more than GZIP.

But, why would i want to have Brotli?

Because without doing anything, all your static content is delivered to the browser in compressed form, reducing the weight of your pages and your server’s resource consumption.

Why is Brotli better than GZIP?

Simply because it delivers the content more compressed.

  • JavaScript files – 15% smaller with Brotli than with GZIP
  • HTML files – 20% smaller with Brotli than with GZIP
  • CSS files – 16% smaller with Brotli than with GZIP

What do I have to do to activate Brotli compression in SiteGround?

If you already have the Site Tools panel active you don’t have to do anything, it is active by default. Only if you have not yet migrated your hosting from cPanel you would not have this new functionality available.

How do I check if Brotli compression is being applied on my site?

If you are in doubt, you can already check that Brotli compression is active on your SiteGround hosted site in 2 ways:

  • Use an online Brotli checker tool.
  • Analyze your site in GTMetrix and in the Waterfall tab, in the first element, check that the Accept-encoding parameter includes br.

Read this post in Spanish: Compresión Brotli por defecto incluida en todos los planes de SiteGround

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