4 thoughts on “How to automatically create an account for customers of your WooCommerce online store”

  1. Thanks again,
    I was wondering if it’s possible “not” to send customer email that contains his username/password.
    I explain why really fast: In my case Customers won’t get any additional value to visit their account (I just use woocommerce differently) but I would like to capture checkout informations into a CRM anyway (with WPfusion). The information can be sent into CRM only when a user account is created… that’s the why.

    1. Fernando Tellado

      The last option, the security-friendly one, es your desired setup, because it doesn’t email any sensible data like a password. To not send the username would be necessary to make some code modifications to WooCommerce email templates. This is something we’ll cover in an article soon 😉

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