Apply different prices according to the country for free in WooCommerce

We all know that we are in a globalized world and we can sell all over the world, but the economic reality is different in each country.

You might have competitive prices for your services or products in your country, but they could be the wrong price for another one, and you can miss out on a lot of money by not having a pricing policy that takes into account the purchasing power of potential customers from other countries with different currencies.

Why should I apply different prices depending on the customer’s country?

If you want to sell globally, you should consider a pricing policy that takes into account the purchasing power of each country.

And no, this does not only mean to lower prices, because sometimes, when we see that something is too cheap we can think that it must have poor quality.

As long as it is possible to adapt, an adapted pricing policy will open a huge market.

To achieve this you must add 2 features to your online store that WooCommerce does not incorporate by default:

  1. Currency selection.
  2. Customization of prices according to country/currency.

And this can be easily achieved through the wonderful plugins for WordPress/WooCommerce.

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce

I’ll start with this simple but practical plugin that, in its free version, offers almost everything you need to apply different prices according to the country/currency of your customers.

As soon as you install it, like any other free WordPress plugin, it encourages you to configure your zones and prices, so you don’t get lost.

When you get to the settings it will encourage you to geolocate your users. This is because the plugin doesn’t offer a currency selection system by default.

Once you have made this simple setting in the WooCommerce configuration, you can define the general settings of the prices by zones. The usual is to apply prices according to the billing country, little more to say about this screen.

Because really the “meat” of the plugin is in the price zones.

By default empty, start adding your price zones. Setting them up is very easy, just name the zone, choose the country and apply the current exchange rate to your currency.

Add as many price zones as countries you sell your services or products to.

Then, in the data of the products to which you want to apply pricing rules you can let the exchange rates configured in your pricing zones be applied, which will be the default setting.

Or, if you prefer, manually apply different prices, as mentioned at the beginning, to adapt to the economic reality of your customers’ country.

In the example above I have left the normal price at the actual exchange rate.

These changes will be reflected when the customer is geolocated or indicates his shipping zone in the cart.

The plugin works perfectly, the only tedious thing is that you have to create and write down all the price changes of the zones manually and update them, but you can add multiple countries to each pricing zone.

On the other hand, it does not incorporate a well visible system of currency or country change, which would be appreciated, beyond a widget, which yes, is a solution, but not the most intuitive, and even less lately, because almost no one uses sidebars.

There are other free plugins but – although it may not seem like it with some like WOOCS – they are actually more limited, such as only allowing 2 currencies. (most of them).

If you are looking for a plugin with everything we have to go to paid options, which we can see in detail another day. Tell us if you want to know about a good paid option.

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