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If you are planning to set up an online academy the LMS (Learning Management System) that I recommend is Sensei, because it is the one that requires less learning curve and is the easiest to start offering online courses.

And, although it is very easy to use, if you also know all the shortcodes, you will be able to personalize your course pages, offer certain courses in entries and pages, in short, have all the content of your online courses to show it where you want.

But … What is a shortcode?

Right, before we get into it, a little explanation…

A WordPress shortcode is a programming shortcut that allows you to display content on posts and pages simply and quickly, without having to copy and paste PHP, HTML or similar code.

There are lots of plugins that use shortcodes, and even WordPress itself, that when you insert an image gallery, for example, it does so using a shortcode (gallery).

WordPress will interpret the shortcode and display the resulting code on your website, for example a contact form, a list of products as with WooCommerce shortcodes, or course content, as we are going to see.

How do you add a shortcode?

You can add it simply by typing it in the editor, or by inserting a shortcode block.

Sensei’s shortcodes

Sensei has a great variety of shortcodes at your disposal with which to customize which courses and how they appear on your website. For example:

[sensei_courses category="music" exclude="23" number="10" order="asc" orderby="name" teacher="123"]Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)

In this case we have the courses of the “music” category, excluding the one with ID numer 23 in ascending order by name, from the teacher ID 123 or teacher 123 if that’s his designated name.

For more, you have all their shortcode options here with examples and how to find the ID’s.

As you can see Sensei LMS is a very powerful tool for this type of business and has many options on how to display your content.

Read this psot in Spanish: Todos los shortcodes de Sensei LMS

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