How to add age verification in WordPress and WooCommerce

I’m sure sometimes you’ve encountered a form that asks you to verify your age before accessing a site.

Well, you will see how easy it is to make this type of forms in WordPress and WooCommerce.

Well, if you have a website and you want to incorporate a system of this type, so that the visitor indicates that he has the minimum age required to view the contents, you can do it very easily in WordPress.

Age verification in WordPress

Don’t get confused and don’t search, I have already tried all the plugins for this.

You just have to install the plugin called Age Gate and configure it a bit. There are lots of settings like …

  • Define the minimum age for access
  • Restricting all content or page by page
  • Type of verification (Yes/No, fields to fill in, drop-down)
  • Remember cookie selection and time
  • Add logo, configure texts, previews and in case of errors
  • Appearance settings, colors, background, etc.
  • Whether to enable JavaScript verification (recommended if you use caching plugins) and cookie settings
  • Manage plugin administration permissions
  • Import/export settings

Very, very complete, one of the best there is, because the rest of plugins out there are mere popup window creators with one or two buttons, something you can do with your favorite layout, any banner plugin or even your newsletter service.

And, in addition, you can make age verification decisions on each content.

What we get is something like this when trying to access the site, already “protected” against children who do not know how to lie to a simple form.

And if they fail you will get the defined message, redirect to any URL, whatever you configure.

There are many other plugins, but none offer so much and so easily for free.

Age verification in WooCommerce

If we are talking about an online store, there are legislations that also require some kind of legal age verification to be able to buy, depending on what you sell, or in general.

Of course, we can use the previous plugin as a previous barrier, but what if you want to do some additional verification?

Well, nothing easier and cheaper than modifying the privacy acceptance and terms and conditions texts.

Just go to AppearanceCustomizeWooCommerceCheckout → Checkout and change the text as you need to indicate by the current legislation in your country for your online store.

This would be an example:

As you can see, simple and effective.

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