3 elements needed before you create products in WooCommerce

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You have already installed WooCommerce, chosen your WooCommerce theme, and the temptation to start creating products, upload photos and start selling is powerful once you have configured WooCommerce, but before going in you must first create at least the following elements:

  • Product categories: although you can add more categories later, if you already know that there will be, for example, pants and shirts, create these categories.
product categories WooCommerce
  • Shipping classes: one of the settings that WooCommerce needs when creating products are the shipping classes, which you will have to create beforehand.
WooCommerce shipping classes
  • Attributes: something fundamental is to create those generic attributes for your store, such as colors, sizes, etc. Like any other taxonomy, it is ideal to create them before starting to generate products.
product attributes WooCommerce

You will find these items, and some more, as submenus of the Products or WooCommerce menus in the side menu of the WordPress administration. They are taxonomies, ways to organize, hierarchize and catalog products.

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